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Our Team

Our employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences including the aviation business, project management and business process analysis as well as software engineering and computer science. There is more than 200 man years of experience with software development and services for the airport sector within the company. At UFIS you find people from Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Scotland, Singapore and Thailand. Because of this, our common language is English....

UFIS - an industry leader

UFIS Airport Solutions has been providing integrated solutions for single and multi-terminal and multi-airport operations for the global airport community for the more than two decades. UFIS Airport Solutions is an industry leader in enabling its customers to carry out collaborative airport management.

Company Structure

UFIS Airport Solutions is a group of 100% subsidiaries under the holding company UFIS Airport Solutions AS, Oslo, Norway . The UFIS-AS companies, scattered around the world, form the structure to provide the best possible solutions and services to customers world-wide. The head office for the operations in Europe is UFIS Airport Solutions GmbH in Darmstadt, Germany . In addition to administration, the Darmstadt office also provides project management, software development, development coordination, and sales...

Careers and Job Opportunities

UFIS Airport Solutions is a well-respected player in the airport information technology domain. The company's airport experts are known for their innovative approach and long experience in airport business process engineering and the provision of airport operational IT systems worldwide. We don’t have currently any vacancies, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you feel you have something to offer UFIS Airport Solutions. Contact: UFIS Airport Solutions GmbH Berliner Allee 58 D-64295...