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Thu, December 13, 2012

UFIS-AS and delair provide integrated A-CDM platform

Darmstadt/Braunschweig, GERMANY, December 13, 2012 -- UFIS Airports Solutions' (UFIS-AS) and delair Air Traffic Systems GmbH are cooperating to provide the aviation market with a complete A-CDM package (delair). This combines the products of both companies which means that from approach to take off, all airport and ATC activities can be handled by a single system. The step to integrate both sets of products has been completed with the development of a bi-directional interface between the delair client applications and the UFIS Operational Database. The integrated A-CDM platform is currently undergoing operational trials at two major international airports.

The cooperation between UFIS-AS and delair to provide a complete A-CDM platform started in March of 2012 and publicized with a joint stand at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Vienna, Austria in April.

Holger Mattig, president and CEO of UFIS-AS says, ?The cooperation with delair means we can offer UFISŪ to our customers as a complete A-CDM platform handling capacity planning, arrival management, resource allocation, ground service allocation and departure management. ? Dietmar Dippe, managing director of Delair agrees, ?The combination of UFISŪ A-CDM platform and our proven management tools like AMAN and DMAN provide customers with a complete, harmonized set of tools for optimizing airport operations.?

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