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Fri, January 4, 2013

UFIS-AS to provide Hub Management System to Emirates

Darmstadt, GERMANY, January 4, 2013 -- UFIS Airports Solutions (UFIS-AS) and its partner Dubai Technology Partners LLC (DTP) are pleased to announce that they have been awarded the contract to supply a hub and turnaround management system as part of the Emirates' Hub Matrix project.

The main functionality will be provided by the situational awareness application Ground Control and Monitoring System from the UFISŪ product portfolio. This includes the functionality of a turnaround manager to monitor the status of the ground handling activities and the functionality of a hub and connection management system to focus on the special activities that relate to efficient management of a major hub operation.

The solution will provide common real-time view of the operation on the day for all stakeholders, both internal and external, including the necessary communication channels and user interface for all stakeholders. The project also aims to establish command centers with a real-time view of the events in the operation via automated data feeds. The control centers will receive real-time updates on the state of operations and will be able to detect potential problems before they affect the operation.

The Hub Matrix Project is being undertaken with the objective of delivering the IT solutions, systems, and services required to meet Emirates airline?s future vision (up to 2020) of the hub command and control. The business objective is to improve On Time Performance while best utilizing aircraft and without compromising on safety and security, customer service or brand identity. Visibility of operations in real time, ability to predict operational dynamics and the means to communicate the current situation and decisions are the key challenges faced by the business today. As around 60% to 70% of the traffic is transfers and connections, the complexity of a single departure increases due to its dependency on multiple arrival flights.

The project scope also includes the integration of data from other Emirates' systems and third-party systems at the airport as well as data repository and business intelligence. Additionally, the Hub Matrix system will integrate with Dubai Airports (DA), Immigration and ATC systems which will allow Emirates to view the arrival and departure slots and will form an A-CDM concept with ATC and DA. This will enable the various stakeholders to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

"We are excited and honored that Emirates has chosen to award this contract to DTP and UFIS," said Abdul Razzak Mikati, Managing Director of DTP. "We look forward to providing a system environment that will enable all the service providers, both internal and external, to collaborate to provide more efficient hub operation" stated Holger Mattig, president and CEO of UFIS-AS.