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All UFIS Products

UFIS Airport Solutions has a wide range of products for the airport sector.

All UFIS Products

Integrated Planning and Control Centres

In the current economic climate airlines are taking steps to cut costs in all areas - and this includes ground handling and airport charges. One way an airport can compete is not only to offer cost-effective services but also to provide a high level of service ‘on time’ and at the quality airlines require. With UFIS Airport Solutions’ (UFIS-AS) Universal Flight Information System (UFIS®) as the information hub in a centralized operation center, airports and handling agents have cut costs and improved efficiency and now offer a better service to their customers - the airlines and the passengers.

Multiple Airport and Terminal Operations

Ever-increasing air traffic and growing competition between airports requires airport owners and operators to think about new ways to improve capacities and service levels to sustain a competitive edge over their peers. New collaborative decision making and service management strategies depend upon improved integration of services and provision of real-time and accurate information to the entire airport community beyond airport boundaries. UFIS® is designed to support large international hub airports with connected feeder airports as well as regional airport networks.

Airport IT Systems

The Universal Flight Information System (UFIS®) is a sophisticated traffic and resource planning and management system for airports, airlines and handling agents. Tailored to meet the requirements of today's modern airports, UFIS® offers many extremely powerful system solutions where information systems are needed. UFIS® is the core for an integrated information basis enabling for the coordination of the many diverse processes executed by the different stake-holders across the whole airport community to reach the overall goal of safe, efficient and economically viable air transportation.

Service Integration and Workflow Management

UFIS-AS's approach to service integration enables the airport community to respond more quickly and cost-effectively to the ever changing market conditions by promoting reuse and interconnection of existing IT assets rather than more time consuming and costly reinvention. Furthermoore, the UFIS® suite of software applications provides powerful tools for efficient management of all workflows related to the aircraft turn-round process from approach to departure and all related business processes for single airports as well as for multiple airports and airport networks.

Business Intelligence Solutions

UFIS®/ MIS is the UFIS®-module for comfortable and flexible management information reporting. Comprised of an Oracle database, a Crystal Reports® Server (product of Business Objects® ) and the replication mechanism to interface with the UFIS® AODB, UFIS®/ MIS-CRS offers functions for user and data management, security, system management and reporting.

Operational Fitness Check

In contrast to typical benchmark studies limited to considering just your company in comparison to similar companies or best practices, the operational fitness check (OFC) gives you the whole picture. It takes all participants in the airport community along the operational processes into consideration. The OFC considers traffic and facility operations, evaluating process performance and costs in comparison with good industry practice at airports and beyond. The OFC-methodology has been developed as a collaborative effort between UFIS-AS, airport/aviation consultants, leading research institues, and non-profit organizations, based on more than two decades of practical experience in supporting airport operations.

Airtilus™ - Airport Operation Management Applications in the Cloud

With Airtilus™, UFIS Airport Solutions offers a full-scale airport information management system in the cloud that provides:

  • Multi-Airport Operational Database (AODB) 
  • Flight Information Management (FIMS) 
  • Resource Management (RMS) 
  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS) 
  • Business Intelligence (MIS) 
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) with script-engine-based processing of interface data, adjustable to local requirements, for example to eBilling and for IATA and AFTN messages out-of-the-box.