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Success Stories

Flexibility - The Key to Flight Information Display

Flexibility is the key to Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) in two ways: 

  • Freedom to choose the most suitable display  
  • Freedom to choose what form of information to display

Improving the Services to PRM Using IT

When the European Community regulation 1107/2006 came into full force in July 2008, airports within Europe were required to provide assistance to persons with reduced mobility (PRM) to enable them to make the same use of air transport as people who are not disabled.

Partnering to Provide Local Services

UFIS Airport Solutions' collaborative airport management approach is to offer airport management solutions which are key to optimized efficiency, maximized profits and high quality for the entire airport community. When delivering its products and services to customers, UFIS-AS has a similar collaborative approach -- it combines its global knowledge of airports, systems and software with the support and cultural knowledge of a local partner -- to deliver a winning solution to a customer.